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Jubilation in Tahrir Square: February 25th 2011 … no better way to spend a birthday…

Aftermath: by Siamak Mostafavi

Party in Tahrir










Lebanon’s Day of Rage….to be followed by Days of Malaise.
On January 26, 2011, Hezbollah orchestrates the fall of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s government. The next day supporters of Hariri’s March 14th Movement converge on the bus station, shout, overturn trash cans, set them ablaze. Then they go back home, go back to the cafe, go back to the bar and voila the Cedar Revolution fizzles out with a whimper.

Day of Rage: by Doyle Avant








Democratic Republic of the Congo – 2006 Elections — Lumumbashi; Katanga Province. Thirty-three presidential candidates run in the first ever post-independence Elections. Candidate Joseph Kabila prepares to make a campaign speech in Lumumbashi. His supporters are present wearing matching T-shirts and Caps.

Central Square - Lumumbashi - Kabila gives a speech

Candidates’ campaign resources clearly identifiable by the size and quality of their poster / leaflet.

Father Kabila watches on. This is the Kabila stronghold. Katanga Province.